We farm differently

so our grains can remove more CO2 from the air.

Airly brings together preeminent scientists and innovative farmers to utilize the latest carbon farming practices to grow our grains:

No till farming

Planting cover

Selecting high carbon-capture potential farms

Rotating crops

Precision Digital

Rigorous farm-level LCAs to quantify carbon capture

Line Top Line Bottom

We invest

in carbon credits to offset our footprint from the production process.

We use a third party to conduct a full life cycle analysis of all activities to produce Airly, from growing all of our ingredients, to baking, to packaging and transportation to our customers.

We invest in carbon credits to offset our production, transportation, packaging, and other raw ingredients to get us back to the on-farm level of removing greenhouse gas from the air.

The carbon credits we purchase come from forestry or farm carbon sequestration projects.

We continue to innovate

to build a better climate.

Airly is committed to improving each and every year – reducing our carbon footprint from seed to shelf:

ON THE FARM - reducing energy use and improving our crops' ability to remove carbon from the air and trap it in the soil.

IN OUR KITCHENS – developing kitchens powered by clean energy sources like solar & wind.

IN OUR INGREDIENTS – reducing suppliers’ footprints by sourcing closer to the kitchen in order to reduce transportation time.