follow the journey of a box
of cheddar oat clouds™

Our oat and wheat farms combined

sequester 21g of CO2  
  per box of Airly®  
  Cheddar Oat Clouds.

We emit 520g of CO2
but are commited to

lowering that  
  number year  
  after year.

  • Ingredients

  • Total

  • Baking

  • Packaging

  • End of Life

We invest in agriculture-based carbon
credits to offset 541g of CO2

bringing us back to our  
  on-farm level of - 21g.

The journey  
  doesn't end there;

with your help, we can continue
to innovate new ways to lower
our footprint to help build a
better climate.

Carbon farming practices + investment in agriculture-based carbon credits

= 21g of CO2 removed
for ever box of Airly®
Cheddar Oat Clouds.

Without climate-friendly practices,

each box of Airly® would emit 687g of CO2 into the air