There are tons of small changes we can all make to become more environmentally conscious and reduce our waste in landfills. Being eco-friendly is about celebrating the Earth and everything it has to offer as well as being active stewards of cleanliness and passing on those same beliefs to the next generation. One of the best things about going green is that 9 times out of 10 it is the more frugal option, which means more money in your bank account while we get to keep our planet healthy. Sounds like a win-win situation! Even if you start with a few simple changes this year, a snowball effect can occur and by this time next year, your house could be an ecological haven. 

Single-use plastic 

The first thing you could do is look at all of the single-use plastic you use regularly, like grocery shopping bags, sandwich bags, and the packages your online shopping goodies come in are only a few of the things you can switch with their eco-friendly counterparts. Material shopping bags, beeswax wraps (which can be used to keep your food fresh and tasty), and purchasing items from second-hand shops can make a big difference. Americans alone purchase roughly 50 billion water bottles a year, which loosely translates to 13 plastic bottles a month for every person. Just by switching to a reusable water bottle, you can save about 156 bottles annually. 

Easy changes 

Making simple changes around the house such as not turning lights on until necessary, turning off lights when you leave the room are a few ways to conserve energy, plus save you money on your next bill. When you leave the house, try to combine as many errands as possible to save yourself an extra trip and always drive the speed limit to limit gas consumption and air pollution from the exhaust. If possible, walking or biking would be ideal. Even something as easy as buying fluorescent light bulbs, not only will it make a significant difference on your energy bill, it will impact the environment more than you think. 


One of the largest expenses most people have is their water bill, what if there were a few easy ways to cut those costs down immediately? Try washing your laundry in cold water instead of hot and wait until you have a full load to do your laundry instead of just doing a few things here and there during the week, wait until the weekend and do it all then. Fixing any sort of leaky facet will also help to bring your costs down, you might not think it would because it’s a single drop of water but those drops of water add up. Adding things like low-flow showerheads will also help to drop your water bill down but won’t bring your water pressure down. 

Going green isn’t about who can do the most, it’s about all of us doing a little bit together to benefit the greater good. Change can be difficult, but making small changes in your everyday life can make the world of difference to your community and future generations. 



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