With football season coming to an end, the big game is once again here! On Sunday, February 13, the Los Angeles Rams will face the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in California. It will be the perfect afternoon to spend with friends and family, and snacks are always the way to ensure a party is kicking off the right way.

Whether you’re a football fan and excited to celebrate the last game of the season, or you’re getting ready for basketball games, Airly is excited to give you some ideas of snacks that are a must have at your game watch party. From the perfect dips, to the perfect treats for your kids, Airly has so much to offer to your next sports get together! Anything beats the untouched vegetable tray that no one wants. The second sunday of February is is the 2nd most food consumption day of the year in the United States, behind the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, on Sundays when the final football game is played, 1.42 billion chicken wings will be consumed, 10 Million pounds of ribs will be sold, over 8 Million pounds of Guacamole will be made, and up to 8,083 of averaged calories will be consumed for a football party feast (Wallethub).

So what can be the perfect snack for your watch party? Shareable food is the way to go! It is the least messy, and easiest for everyone to try. Consider preparing some easy dips like jalapeño cream cheese dip, hummus, or spinach artichoke dip. These are best paired with a salty, crunchy snack to scoop up the dips - making the Sea Salt Airly crackers the perfect teammate for shareables!

If dips are not your thing, how about a cheese board? Cheese boards are great for parties because they can be made up of whatever you desire! The basis for a good board is a few cheese options (maybe 2 or 3), some fruit to compliment the cheeses (grapes and berries are a great choice), and a crunchy element like nuts, or crackers. Airly’s Cheddar flavored crackers can add both a cheesy and crunchy bite to your board. To switch things up, you could also do a sweet dessert board, rather than a savory one. For a sweet board consider softer cheeses, like brie or goat cheese (both pair very well with honey). Strawberries and raspberries make for a great pairing with the Airly Chocolate crackers, or with the Salted Caramel flavored crackers, which will be a lovely addition to the soft cheeses as well. Feel free to include other sweet bites, such as marshmallows, candied popcorn, or perhaps a peanut butter dip.

Your game time snacks are now guaranteed to be both delicious and environmentally friendly! The best part about your snacks is that you can feel good about feeding your friends and making an environmentally conscious food choice. Grab your favorite box of Airly crackers at your local Schnucks or Giant Carlisle the next time you go out to prep for the big game!



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